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We are the premier North American in-play odds provider with products robust enough to meet your customer's demands. Our proprietary methods deliver the most accurate prices, faster than the rest of the market. End your reliance on fragile third party odds feeds and make Real In-Play a real cornerstone of your business.

6 Sports with Real In-Play
70+ Combined Years of Gaming Experience
2000+ Real In-Play lines Generated Per Week
454,456+ Lines of Code Written

DeckPrism Sports

Deck Prism Sports is a true in-play odds originator based in Las Vegas with a focus on American sports. Our years specializing in in-play markets for NFL, NCAA football, NBA, NCAA basketball, MLB, and NHL can go to work for you. Our 100% proprietary models lead the pack for all major American sports because they are forged in the fires of intense real market action—and they have come out on top for years.

Managed Trading

The complete sportsbook risk room solution. Let DeckPrism fully trade some sports--or your entire betting menu--for you while you still make all the rules.

We trade to your margins, your risk constraints, customized to your customers.

Full prematch and our specialty in-play. Major markets, derivatives and props. It's all one seamless experience.

Odds Feed

Or use our up-to-the-second odds feed to superpower your own in-house trading operation. Make trading American sports a breeze, both prematch and in-play.

Cut out the costly line errors. Eliminate bet rejections. Give your customers an industry-leading during the game experience with DeckPrism Real In-Play.

Need betting odds solutions for sports media? Ask us.

DeckPrism Sports
Model Features


Eliminate frustrating delays and bet rejections which destroy customer experience.


Our lines go up the very moment a game goes to break which means you'll write more action.

Sharp Pricing

Rock-solid point spreads, moneylines and totals give you the confidence to offer larger limits.

DeckPrism Integration

If you'd like more information about integrating our managed trading or odds feed service products into your platform, please contact us.

DeckPrism Sports

Answers to our most frequently asked questions.

We are a B2B LLC licensed to do conduct business with US operators in select states.
Primary use case for our products is for licensed operators, not individuals.
Use the contact form to tell us more about your organization and what exactly you’re looking for and someone will be in touch.

DeckPrism Sports
Meet our team

Leo MeyersManaging Partner

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An industry leading trading expert with more than 15 years of professional in-play and pre-game sports market experience. Leo co-founded and provides data science at Richdwarf Analytics.

Matt DavidowChief Ops Officer

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A sports modeler, software development expert, and successful author, Matt has used proprietary methods to beat major sports betting markets for over 15 years and has co-founded two leading private sports analytics firms.

Ed MillerChief Architect

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An MIT trained computer scientist with 5 years of experience as a lead developer in the sports analytics field, specializing in in-play modeling. Ed is a renowned poker expert and successful book author.

Mark LarsonPartner

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A third party slot provider licensed with 14 Tribes, mark has 5 years experience as CEO of Dynamic Gaming Solutions, and 20 years experience with real estate development in the historic sector.

DeckPrism Sports
Media Library


The team that wrote "The Logic of Sports Betting" has applied their knowledge to the online sportsbook market with DeskPrism Sports. This platform combines the unique skill sets of Miller and Davidow with the prowess of Meyers to create this powerful and revolutionary system. Read the book that started it all!

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